2020 CBF
Bridge Diary



    Shortly after we started our online tournaments on BBO it was agreed by all to donate €2 every time we played,the proceeds to be used for a good cause..By the end of July the Paphos Bridge Clubs, with their regular participation in the games, managed to collect €3195-they even collected from people who played from abroad and who were more than willing to contribute.

    The collective decision was to give the whole amount to charity and three charities were nominated:


    -Cancer Patients Support Group


    -Caritas(Homeless and Refugees)




    The president of the Cyprus Bridge Federation,Philippos Frangos,was invited to present the cheques to the charities in a special ceremony organised by Grace Cullen at Kamares,Tala,last Thursday.The idea is to support notable groups involved with charitable work while promoting bridge in Cyprus  at the same time.

    We will continue to donate €2 every time we play so that we can help more charities but also to support our clubs which are facing financial problems because of the pandemic.


    Well done Paphos!Keep up the good work!





    Monday,Wednesday,Friday at 4.15pm

    (Philippos Frangos : [email protected])


    Monday 6pm,Tuesday 2.15pm, Thursday(Individual) 10am

    (Errikos Leonidou : [email protected])


    Saturday 4pm


     Instructions to join BBO tournaments

    Bridge is one of five recognised intellectual  sports

    • It has been proved beneficial to the development of the mind and judgment.
    • It is a social game that develops sociability.
    • It is played by millions of people of all ages all over the world.
    • It has been taught for many years in many countries, especially in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Israel but also in far China.
    • Taught since 2010 at the evening courses of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
    • The Federation was founded in 1960 and is a member of the Olympic Committee and the Cyprus Sport Organization (CSO).
    • We take part in the Pan- European Games and the Small Federations Games.


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