*  Before 1960 Bridge was played in houses and clubs. In 1960, the  Cyprus Bridge Federation was formed in the sameyear as Cyprus gained its independence. In 1960 the Federation had 2 member clubs; today it has 8 member clubs.


*  In 1980 the Cyprus Bridge Federation became a member of the European Bridge League and of the World Bridge Federation.


*  In December 1992, the Cyprus Sports Organisation admitted Bridge and Chess in the category of mind games. In 1993, the Cyprus Bridge Federation applied for full membership of the Cyprus Sports Organisation eventually becoming a full member in 1994 with three member clubs (Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos). After that, the Cyprus Bridge Federation became a full member of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and since then it is based at the Olympic Building.


*  In 1990 the first national team of Bridge was formed and participated for the first time in the World Bridge Olympiad that took place in Rhodes, Greece. Since then, Cyprus was represented in several European Championships and European Small Federations Games with the most recent participation in 2012 being very successful.


*  In 2008, two young bridge players participate for the first time in the World Mind Games in Beijing securing high positions.


*  In 2010, Bridge is introduced for the first time and very successfully in the evening classes programme of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.


*  Since 2010 the Cyprus Bridge Federation has taken steps to improve the level of the players offering advanced lessons on the internet with the assistance of foreign coaches that trained the players interested to be in the national team.


*  The objective of the Cyprus Bridge Federation is the increase of the number of people that play bridge particularly younger ones. Many Universities around the world include bridge within their students’ extracurricular activities and in many European Countries Bridge is taught as early as the primary school.


*  Every year since 1960, an International Bridge Festival is organised in Cyprus with the participation of famous players from Greece, the Middle East and the whole of Europe.





The Cyprus National Bridge Team participated in the 5th Small Federations Games which this year took place in Tallinn, Estonia from 24 to 26 September 2012.
The team consisted of Philippos Frangos, Frosso Tillyri, Panagiotis Politis and George Kolettis (from Limassol, Nicosia and Lefkara bridge clubs).


Our Team defeated Slovenia, Lithuania, Belarus, Malta and San Marino, drew with the Ukraine and Luxembourg and lost to Portugal and the hosts and eventual winners Estonia.
Our team finished fourth in its group in the qualification stage and secured second place in the consolation round, eventually finishing sixth out of fourteen countries. The Cypriot team competed well and represented with pride the country in this popular mind game which although it is well-established in Europe and the rest of the World, it is not that widespread in Cyprus.


Bridge is taught in Cyprus since 2010 at the evening classes of the Ministry of Education.


Results of Cyprus at the Small Federations Games 2012
Butler scoring