WBF Events

World Championships organized regularly by the WBF, are as follows:


World Team Championships (Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, Senior Bowl)
Held every odd-numbered year, it is contested in three series, by teams representing the eight WBF geographical zones. In the Open series, contestants have the Bermuda Bowl at stake, while the Women series play for the Venice Cup . The third series, reserved for Senior players, was added in 2001.


World Team Olympiad

Held every leap year, it is open to representative teams from all WBF member countries. There are three series: for Open (competing for the Vanderbilt Trophy), Women and Senior national teams. As from 2008, it has been incorporated in the World Mind Sports Games under the new title World Bridge Games.


World Bridge Games

This is the successor of the World Team Olympiad, held every leap year within the framework of the World Mind Sports Games, inaugurated in 2008. Each country may enter one national team in each series: open (Vanderbilt Trophy), women, seniors. In addition, youth teams, pairs and individual are also contested.


World Bridge Series Championships

Held every even-numbered, non-leap year, they comprise a great variety of competitions including the Knockout Teams and Pairs for all categories (open, women, seniors, mixed).


World Transnational Open Team Championship

This competition was inaugurated in 1997, and takes place in odd-numbered years at the same site as the World Zonal Team Championship, starting after the latter’s qualifying stage.


World Mixed Team Championship

This competition was first held alongside the World Pairs Olympiad. It was re-launched in 1996 and has been held in conjunction with the World Team Olympiad every leap year, starting after the latter’s qualifying stage.


World Youth Team Championships

A zonal teams competition for junior and youngster players (in odd-numbered years until 2005, in even-numbered years as from 2006).

World University Team Cup

Launched in 2002 as a biennial event, this competition is open to national University teams and is played under the auspices of FISU.


World Youth Congress

A series of massive competitions for young players, comprising teams, pairs and individual tournaments, each in two series (juniors & youngsters), held biennially on odd-numbered years, as from 2009. It includes what was formerly known as World Youth Pairs and World Junior Individual.


International Olympic Committee Grand Prix

A series of competitions among top invited teams that took place in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (1998-2000) and at the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, in support of bridge’s effort to gain entry in the Olympic Games. (Discontinued.)


World Masters Individual

A top invitational competition played every two years (1992-2000, and every four years thereafter) in two series, open and women. A third series, for Junior players, was held in 2000 only.


World Simultaneous Pairs Championship

An unique annual competition played simultaneously in clubs all over the world. Players do not have to leave their homes, but they all compete in a world event scored over the field.